Song of Amazonia by Scott Fitzgerald


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Song of Amazonia is a tribute to the Amazon rainforest, and the third album in Scott Fitzgerald’s “Thunderdrums” series. This is a musically rich and diverse album, with all the flavor of South America and the essence of the rainforest. Scott and company perform on grand piano, percussion, violin, wood flute, bamboo flute, charango and guitar. Reminiscent of the soundtrack to the movie The Mission, Song of Amazonia is Scott Fitzgerald’s most emotional and powerful work to date: a musical journey though the Amazon, which is sometimes sad, sometimes joyous, but always filled with hope and beauty. No other recording has better communicated the spirit of the rainforest and the soul of its people.

Track Listing:

  1. Rio Xingu
  2. Song of the Seringueiros
  3. Roraima
  4. El Dorado
  5. Igarapes to the Sea
  6. Baile Del Sol
  7. The Vision
  8. Ember Dance Amazonia
  9. Angustia De La Madre

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