Soundings by Noirin Ni Riain


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Brand new. Opened only to make sound clips.

The Zenith of one’s earthly life is, we are told-from Hindu tradition, achieved at the age of 42. Soundings represents a given opportunity at this time to echo and celebrate the presence of anam-chairde (soul friends). Celebrating the Earth, existence, and primarily, us.

Track List:

  1. The River and the Ocean
  2. Ave Maris Stella
  3. The Seven Sorrows of Mary
  4. Ode to Jacapone Da Todi
  5. The Darkest Midnight
  6. Ode to Hildegard Von Bingen
  7. Ode to Mirabai
  8. Salve Mater/SDalve Regina
  9. Christmas Day is Come
  10. Ave Maria
  11. O Sons and Daughters
  12. The Lament
  13. Ode to Anne Lee
  14. Good People All

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