The Darkest Midnight by Noirin Ni Riain


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There are two languages of Christmas: the language of memory and the language of mystery. This recording is a transformation of these songs from their original traditional setting into a new idiom in a new setting. The originality of this interpretation derives from at least three identifiable sources: the highly personal singing of Noirin Ni Riain which achieves a unique blend of classical and traditional modes; the wholesome flavor of monastic voices, tempered by the discipline of a daily round of chant; the aural ambience of a much-frequented place of prayer. The result is a celebration of Christmas which is uniquely Irish, inherently religious, and unashamedly human.

Track List:

  1. The Seven Rejoices of Mary
  2. Christmas Day is Come
  3. Song of Jerusalem
  4. Ye Sons of Men
  5. Good People All
  6. Song for New Year’s Day
  7. The Darkest Midnight
  8. Mary’s Breastplate
  9. The Flight into Egypt
  10. Now to Conclude Our Christmas Mirth
  11. O Blessed Virgin


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