Transendence by Tulku


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In order to further the central theme of our Trance Planet series, Triloka began a collaboration with producer and composer Jim Wilson (Little Wolf Band) under the moniker TULKU. This collaboration is based on a shared vision: bringing together various musical traditions from around the world within the trance format in a series of recordings that reflect the primordial origin of man’s quest. This furthers the shared vision with Jai Uttal, who joins in on this recording, as does Geoffrey Gordon from the Pagan Love Orchestra.

On Transcendence, our first volume in this series, the native Traditions of North America and the ancient traditions of India and the Far East have been blended and mixed – providing a threshold into another state of being. The individual voices of these traditions represent man’s aspiration for communion with the inner muse. On this album, the alchemy of technology is used to fuse sampled sounds with the warmth and organic qualities of live percussion, vocals, and instruments, creating a new body for an ancient soul. As a result, the prayerful voice of the Inuit shaman, next to the evocative expression of the East Indian Dotara; the amazing a capella of the Tahitian Chior, alongside the GubGubi from Bengal, and the Dumbek from Africa; all together, they weave a musical tapestry of ancient traditions within a 20th century form. In the Tibetan lineage, this is called TULKU – new body/ old soul.

Track List:

  1. Life Force (Kupuri)
  2. Golden Era
  3. Agua Sante
  4. Time Dances Slowly
  5. Ghost Dance
  6. Orca Song
  7. Anni Rose
  8. Trancendance
  9. Journey of the Warrior
  10. Sacred Circle
  11. Prayer to the Protector

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