Tribal Voices: Music from Native Americans


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Tribal Voices: Music from Native Americans is an enchanting worldbeat recording that blends together a variety of different Native American cultures. It’s a mesmerizing collection, demonstrating both the power of the indigenous music and how it relates to the cultures at large.

Track List:

  1. Oglala \x96 Quiltman
  2. Apache Honoring Song \x96 Rita Coolidge, Walela
  3. Traveling Alone \x96 Kevin Locke
  4. Grandmother’s Way \x96 Sharon Burch
  5. Round Dance Song \x96 Joseph Fire Crow, Goodhouse Family
  6. Grammah Easter’s Lullaby \x96 Ulali
  7. Generation Hand Down \x96 Jerry Alfred
  8. Tomorrow’s Dream \x96 Andrew Vasquez
  9. Ho Wi Yo Ho We Ya He Ya \x96 Six Nations Women Singers
  10.  Straight Song [Acappella] \x96 Johnny Mike, Verdell Primeaux
  11. Seventh Generation \x96 Sissy Goodhouse
  12. Mother Earth \x96 Joanne Shenandoah
  13. White Buffalo \x96 Will Clipman, Robert Tree Cody, Rob Wallace
  14. Tawapaha Olowan Wan\x96S.D. (One’s Own Deeds Song) \x96 Spirit of Song Singers

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