Where Wild Salmon Run by Native Ground


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Native Ground’s music reflects the ground we walk on, the earth that is our home and nourishes us. This expression occurs across instruments with deep roots in the cultural experience of humanity – the hand drum, guitar, and didgeridoo.

The album was recorded live during a journey to the coastal islands of British Columbia, Canada, a beautiful and inspiring realm that like many other places on Earth, struggles for survival of its native ecosystem. This album is filled with gratitude to those dedicated people in communities of British Columbia, Indonesia, The Amazon, and worldwide who are working to protect our forests and oceans through communication, negotiation, and tenacity of will. Native Ground dedicated this album to the wild salmon of the ocean who gave nourishment to them during their musical journey as well as the forest for its healing spirit.

Track List:

  1. A Walk in the Forest
  2. Ruby Flame
  3. Tide Pool
  4. Spawning Ground
  5. Spirit Well
  6. Wild Salmon
  7. Sweet Lady of the Cove
  8. Heart of the Buddha

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