A Celtic Journey by Laura Powers


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Brand new. Opened only to make sound clips.

Featuring instrumental music from Laura’s award-winning Legends of the Goddess and Beyond the Pale: Legends of the Goddess II, this 65-minute program was arranged to provide continuous, uninterrupted music for massage, relaxation, yoga and bodywork. Celtic instrumentation intertwines with lush contemporary music for an evocative and enchanted musical journey.

Track List:

1. Interlude Ullieann Pipes
2. Goddess of the Hunter Moon
3. In the Arms fo the Milky Way
4. Sisters of the Wind
5. Circle of Stone
6. Sweetest Song
7. Long Way Down
8. The Hunt is Sweetest
9. My Avalon
10. Goddess of the Sea Mist
11. Heart in Winter
12. Beyond the Pale
13. Sond of One
14. It Shall Be No More
15. Sailing Home
16. Interlude Ullieann Pipes
17. I Surrender All

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