Angel Helpers by Merlin’s Magic


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Angels are our daily companions, standing by us in difficult times; giving comfort, strength, courage, and inspiration, as well as granting insight and protection to those who believe. This exquisitely beautiful follow-up to the best-selling “REIKI – THE LIGHT TOUCH” album finds Merlin’s Magic making what New Age Retailer magazine praises as “over 60 minutes of beatific bliss. Truly heavenly, every uplifting melody is perfectly accented by flute, sitar, and strings to help make these invisible companions audible. Each melody is dedicated to specific ethereal entitles like “Michael, The Cosmic Shield” and “Jophiel, The Creative Power of Heaven”, so that the listener can achieve a deeply intimate relationship with these loving celestial presences.”

Track List:

  1. Heavenly Spheres
  2. Michael, The Cosmic Shield
  3. Jophiel, The Creative Power of Heaven
  4. Zadkiel, The Heavenly Power of Prayer
  5. Chamuel, The Power of Worship
  6. Gabriel, The Power of the Resurrection
  7. Raphael, The Immense Power of Healing
  8. Uriel, The Immense Power of Peace
  9. Benediction

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