Tales from the Shed Pt 1 by Keith Mills


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Brand new. Opened only to make sound clips.

Tales from the Shed is a project of rare integrity, emotional, thoughtful, carnel, literally invoking a spiritual power to impart a rich life force energy into those who meditate with respect and diligence upon it.

All music written by Keith Mills, except tracks 5 & 9 written by Rachel Kurtz with musical arrangement and programing by Mills at Shed Studio England.

Track List:

  1. There’s Always Bond at Christmas
  2. Robinson Is Cruising
  3. Hmmm
  4. 1st Time for Everything
  5. Spirals
  6. Don’t Go Out Alone
  7. Seven Eight
  8. Why Can’t I?
  9. Mother
  10. Augury
  11. My Feet Don’t Listen [HMMM Remix]

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