Beneath the Raven Moon by Mary Youngblood


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One of the most popular artists in Native American music, Mary Youngblood, of Aleut/Seminole heritage, was also one of the first female artists to professionally play the Native American flute. Beneath the Raven Moon features poetry from the heart flowing forth from her exquisite flute skills backed by a contemporary sounding mix of acoustic guitar and percussion. This unique blend, which at times calls to mind blues and folk music, gives her heartfelt melodies and sense of adventurous soul. Highlights include the acoustic title track, a solo flute performance on “Within My Heart” and the upbeat “And We Shall Dance”.

Track List:

  1. Cama-I
  2. Walk with Me
  3. Beneath The Raven Moon
  4. And We Shall Dance
  5. Laugh With Me
  6. Caress The Smile
  7. Within My Heart
  8. And We Can Love
  9. Dream With Me
  10. Above The Mother Earth
  11. And We Will Fly
  12. Ipiluni

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