Crescent Moon by Judy Piazza


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Brand new. Opened only to make sound clips.

Lyrical rhythm songs and soundscapes created through frame drums, voice, djembe, congas, doumbek, percussion, alternative dulcimer, and didgeridoo in the hands of this extraordinarily talented woman inspired, studied, and caught up in music and sound traditions near and far. A delight for the spirit, balm for the heart, refreshment for the body, and elixir for the mind.

Track List:

  1. Temple Contemplations
  2. Crescent Moon
  3. Daf Solo
  4. One Breath
  5. My Beloved
  6. Zafiran Trance
  7. Oxun
  8. Noite De Temporal
  9. Tribute To My Sons
  10. Gamamla
  11. Didgeridoo Over Crescent Moon (Reprise)

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