Earth Tribe Rhythms by Brent Lewis


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Strong melody is not something you’d expect from an all-percussion album, but with Brent Lewis at the helm, that’s exactly what you get. Falling somewhere between African tribal and Caribbean styles, the music of EARTH DRUM RHYTHMS is a joy to listen to. In addition to composing and producing the album, Lewis also performs solo on the Ikauma drums (a set of 22 tuned drums on a large stand that are designed to achieve a variety of tones). Most of the tracks fall into the mid-tempo range and have a gentle, rhythmic quality that could be used for meditation, dance/choreography or simply as background music.

Track List:

  1. Doom Tac A Doom
  2. Ode to Buckwheat
  3. Ikauma Jungle Jam
  4. Quicksand
  5. Bone to Bone
  6. Caribbean Sea
  7. Scratch my Hide
  8. Potent Potion
  9. Tribal Consciousness
  10. Voodoo You’re Mine

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