Fairy HeartMagic by Gary Stadler


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Acclaimed composer Gary Stadler (Fairy of the Woods, Fairy NightSongs) takes you further into the world of ancient Celtic lore, featuring extraordinary vocalist Stephannie and Celtic Harpist Lisa Lynne. Together they take you on a soul-healing journey into a place where innocence and wisdom are one. Listen and your heart will be renewed with a mystical beauty.

Enhanced CD: Bonus photos and mp3 for your computer.

Track List:

1. Fairy Nightsongs
2. Petals
3. Mystery
4. OtherWorld
5. Heartmagic
6. Sa’Brooke
7. Deanash
8. Edge of Dawn
9. DonaCreiTun
10. Ehsellyei
11. Garden of Dreams
12. Veil of Elphame

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