Lady of the Lake by Lisa Thiel


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Lady of the Lake, Lisa Thiel debut album, furthers her exploration of personal healing by blending ancient rhythms and enlightening lyrics into earthy messages. In mythology, the Lady of the Lake bestowed King Arthur with his magical sword and is seen as the High Priestess of Avalon. Thiel’s musical interpretation is the embodiment of compassion who rises out of the primordial waters to offer mankind not the sword but the jewel of wisdom. With acoustic guitar and her gentle yet compelling vocals, Thiel undertakes her journey with an insistence and yearning, accompanied by keyboard instrumentals, harmony vocals, percussion, rattles and gourds. Lady of the Lake delights and illuminates in depth the need to bring the spirit realm down to the earth, striking chords that move the body, mind and spirit.

Track List:

  1. Song of the Sonoran
  2. Desert Rain Song
  3. Turquoise Woman
  4. Scottish Highlands Song
  5. Elemental Song
  6. Lady of the Lake
  7. Dream Flight
  8. Rune Song
  9. Dakini Song
  10. Song of the Seraphim
  11. Journey
  12. Mother of Grace
  13. Protection Chant
  14. Spirit Shining


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