Luxor to Isna by The Musicians of the Nile


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Brand new. Opened only to make sound clips.

The Musicians of the Nile are a professional troupe of gypsy musicians hailing from Upper Egypt. Their dazzling mix of traditional songs is perfectly showcased on this early Real-World release, which was taped in both France and England during the late ’80s. With the dusky strains from the rababah (traditional fiddle), the mizmar (an oboe-like instrument), and the tablah (a hand drum similar to the darbouka) filling the air, the group delivers an array of trance-inducing long-players, including ensemble pieces as well as solo spotlights like the tablah feature “Zahrafat Al Sa’id” (Rejoicing in Upper Egypt) and the arghul (double-reed clarinet) vehicle “Kol Elle Qalboh Ankawa” (Everyone Has Had a Broken Heart). An essential disc for world music connoisseurs.

Track List:

  1. Al Bahr Al Gharam Wasah [Love Is as Vast as a River]
  2. Zahrafat Al Sa’id [Rejoicing in Upper Egypt]
  3. Ya Tir ‘Ala Shadjarah [Oh Bird Upon the Tree]
  4. Horse Steps
  5. Al Nahla Al ‘Ali [The Tall Palm Tree]
  6. Kol Elle Qalboh Ankawa [Everyone Has Had a Broken Heart]
  7. Yunes Wa ‘Azizah [Yunes and Azizah]
  8. Al-Aqsur-Isna [From Luxor to Isna]

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