Mythos by Mythos


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Mythos, Greek for mythology, describes the ancient yet timeless feeling of mysticism that floats throughout this recording. Hauntingly powerful vocals accentuate the warm acoustic centerpiece of Paul Schmidt’s guitar and Bob D’Eith’s piano. The album’s rich classical melodies blend with African tribal rhythms and traditional Oriental and Middle Eastern tones to create a sound that is unique, otherworldly, and elegant. With over an hour of music, this self-titled recording includes the best of the previously released album Introspection plus seven new tracks.

Track List:

  1. Brazil
  2. June
  3. Sunless Sea
  4. November
  5. Planinata
  6. La Cathedral
  7. The Odyssey
  8. Angels Weep
  9. The Nile
  10. Motif
  11. Sirens
  12. Prelude
  13. Introspection
  14. Evolution
  15. Premonition
  16. Paradox

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