Ouroboros: Season of Life by Kay Gardner’s Oratorio


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This oratorio by Kay Gardner for 6 female soloists, women’s chorus and orchestra, is set to exquisite solo texts by Charlie Hutchins and powerful chants texts by Ila Suzanne. It’s a live recording of its premiere performance at the 20th National Women’s Musical Festival in Bloomington, IN, and is one of the largest-ever classical productions featuring women musicians: 84 voices, 40 orchestra members. The work celebrates the ages of Woman with each age corresponding to a holy day on the ancient Celtic calendar, is strongly centered in female spirituality and relates to the birth/death/rebirth cycle.

Track Listing:

  1. Beginning
  2. Birth/Winter Solstice
  3. Childhood/Imbolc
  4. Puberty/Spring Equinox
  5. Maidenhood/Beltane
  6. Motherhood/Summer Solstice
  7. Menopause/Lammas
  8. Elderhood/Autumn Equinox
  9. Death-Rebirth/Samhain

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