ShapeShifters by Ubaka Hill


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Ubaka is a fiery, passionate, and radiant drummer, chanter. and singer whose performance builds bridges and transcends boundaries while elevating the spirits of all who hear. Her music is intensely woman-identified, life-loving, transformative, spiritual, and revolutionary, blending song, poetry, and rhythm into a heady brew. “Motherbeat” joyfully brings to life the exuberant imagery of women dancing down through the centuries; “Night Flight”, an evocative performance piece which incorporates the chant Spirit of the Wind, is a perfect vehicle for Ubaka’s depth, artistry and grace; her intense rendition of the Jayne Cortez poem “If the Drum Is a Woman” will send chills down your spine; and her trademark “The Womyn United” is energetic & inspirational. Also includes percussion instrumentals for movement and dance. Warning: you’ll experience an uncontrollable urge to join a drumming circle. 

Track List:  

  1. Motherbeat  
  2. Aconcon  
  3. Nightflight 
  4. Changes 
  5. Marketplace 
  6. Soweto  
  7. If the Drum Is a Woman  
  8. Oya’s Song  
  9. The Womyn United 

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