Motherlight by Betsy Rose


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Motherlight is Betsy Rose’s first recording since she gave birth to her son Matthew in 1992 at age 41, and this immersion in the sublime depths of mothering have changed me, body and soul. The music on Motherlight was conceived and born out of these new inner spaces. To parents, educators, birthmothers, adoptees, and any woman who has felt the wounds and blessings of our capacity to birth new life. There were many midwives and spiritual supporters who brought her through the labor and birth of Motherlight.

Track List:

  1. I Want a World for You
  2. Can I Have It
  3. Birthmother
  4. Thanks to Life
  5. Breathing In, Breathing Out
  6. Spirited Child
  7. Mama’s Milk
  8. Under My Skin
  9. I Have Arrived
  10. Raising Up Children
  11. Send Me a Voice
  12. Gentle Wind/All Night Long

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