The Isle of Dreaming by Kate Price


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Weaving masterful dreamscapes centered around angelic vocals and expertise on the four and a half octave. Hundred stringed hammer dulcimer. Kate Price creates contemporary international folk fusion of classical, jazz, and ethnic music using instruments from many cultures. The Isle of Dreaming is Price’s beautifully realized follow-up to her 1997 OmTown debut, Deep Heart’s Core. This album is an emotional, multi-faced journey from darkness to light featuring cello, classical guitar, nyckleharpa, sitar, electric sitar, tabla, Nigerian udu, oboe, and English horn.

Track List:

  1. The Isle Of Dreaming
  2. Andalusia
  3. Voices of My People
  4. the Phoenix
  5. Kate Counts Eight
  6. Sea of Silence
  7. Mystic Warrior
  8. Planxty Almblade
  9. Beloved

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