Through the Darkness by Beverly Frederick


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This cassette is a compilation of 21 ritual chants, soulful invocations and haunting Scottish Faery ballads from the Reclaiming community. Most the chants induce the intent of a ritual or invite in Brigid, Lugh, the Wyrd Sisters or the Moon’s silver fingers, and yet, woven together with the inspired violin solos of Pam Otsuka, the whole recording lulls you like a soundtrack into the world of Faery!

Track Listing:

Side A

  1. Every Step is Sacred/The Midwife’s Song
  2. Round the Tree of Life We Go
  3. From Your Silence
  4. Lugh Return
  5. Goddess of the Sun
  6. Through the Darkness
  7. Companion of the Earth God Invocation
  8. To the Crossroads
  9. Faery Gigue I
  10. Tam Lin
  11. Faery Gigue II

Side B

  1. Weaver Weaver
  2. Is, Was and Shall Be
  3. Catch Me
  4. Come Away
  5. Faery Queen Invocation
  6. True Thomas
  7. At Brigid’s Well
  8. Brid
  9. Holy Well & Sacred Flame
  10. The Elements Reel/Farewell

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