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Brand new. Opened only to make sound clips.

Rosin Coven is the Bay Area’s premiere Pagan Lounge Ensemble. Eight musicians blend voices, cellos, contrabass, accordion, violin, guitar, trombone, vibraphone, drums, and percussion to create our own style of cabaret. Edith Piaf does the cha-cha with Charles Mingus, Eric Satie tangos with Sun-Ra, and Kurt Weil broods over Doris Day. Their music¬†presents an irreverent yet elegant balance between musicianship, poise, theatricality, and humor. This album features a myriad of wonderful guest performances and beautiful original cover and CD artwork by Craig LaRotonda. It also contains a full-color 12-page booklet with complete lyrics, photos, and a complete set of Pagan Lounge trading cards. Well, you’d have to cut ’em out of the book, but trust us, it’s *really cool*!¬†

Track List:

  1. March of the Modern Pagans
  2. Skydivin
  3. Queen of November
  4. Chain of Glow
  5. Eve’s Lament
  6. Voyeur in Detroit
  7. I Scare Myself
  8. Train (A Vague Hunger)
  9. Ladybug’s Pas De Deux
  10. Dybbuk’s Dirge
  11. Beyond The Crimson Planet
  12. First Hawk

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